About Us

BTS is the brainchild of Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser Tony Vidray.

Tony Vidray of Between The Spreadsheets

For over 30 years he developed his own spreadsheets for use by he and his staff in his firm AV Chartered Accountants and before that, Anderson Vidray.

“They need to be quick and easy to use,” he said. “A junior must be able to follow the prompts, enter the data and let Excel do the rest. The spreadsheet can then form part of your working papers or be a tool to discuss with clients to perform some ‘what if’ scenarios”.

“A few years ago, I thought I should make these spreadsheet calculators available to the accounting industry, because if it’s one thing I do know, accountants are time poor and just need a result. BTS allows you to enter data and receive a report. It’s as simple as that”.