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Superannuation Concessional Contribution Catchup Calculator

Superannuation Concessional Contribution Catchup Calculator

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Whilst the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) generously shows the amount of catch up contributions available, it does not show you how much of those contributions will soon expire and the information doesn’t really help you for the current year you’re in.

Created so that you can advise you client in real time, it is quick, simple and easy and it has the following features:

  1. It is year sensitive so it knows what five years are in play,
  2. It asks if the client has less than $500,000 in Superannuation as at the start of the financial year,
  3. Once you enter the concessional contributions for previous years, and an estimate for the current year you are left with a Total Catchup Contributions Available. This is the maximum available as a tax deduction,
  4. Once you enter an amount as a proposed contribution, it will automatically calculate how much in Catchup Concessional Contributions the client has to go AND it calculates the aging of those amounts to go. This is crucial once the five years is up and whatever is not used is lost, and
  5. It allows you to enter hyperlinks to source documents.

Another great tool to assist you and your client decide how much to contribute into superannuation.

Remember that as an adviser, if you do not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), you cannot advise your client on how much they should put into superannuation to get a tax deduction. You can only use this calculator and the information on the ATO Portal to outline to your client how much they can contributed to superannuation as a concessional contribution in the current year. 


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